Sue Ward of LJ Hooker Ormeau wins Ormeau Agent of The Year in the RateMyAgent 2018 Agent of the Year Awards!

I am very excited to share with you the announcement that I have won the prestigious award of 2018 RMA Agent of the Year in Ormeau! This puts me in the top 7% of all agents throughout Australia.

These awards, which are the largest real estate awards in Australia, recognise those agents and agencies that have ranked the highest based on customer reviews and feedback.

In such a competitive market with many ethical agents, I’m delighted to be named the Agent of The Year in the Ormeau market. This award recognizes our dedication to providing exceptional service with unfailing integrity. My Team and I work tirelessly to change the way our local property market view real estate.

I’m not in the business of selling homes; I’m in the business of helping my clients achieve their goals, making their life a little easier during the process and helping put a smile of their faces while doing so. We’re thrilled so many of our clients appreciate our work and have rated us using the RateMyAgent site. To be voted number one by your customers is a real testament to the service we provide.

The RateMyAgent Agent of the Year Awards compare over 32,000 agents and agencies across the country.  They highlight the leading real estate agents and agencies in each suburb, city and state across Australia, and on a national level.

The Agent of the Year Awards are the largest real estate awards in Australia, and the only awards to use customer reviews and recommendations to rank agents. The awards also recognise leading agents on a suburb, state, city, and national level to help sellers choose their leading local agents. All reviews on ratemyagent.com.au are verified and attached to the property listing they relate to ensuring that the information provided is unique to the agent and from a genuine property seller or buyer.

is Australia’s No. 1 real estate agent ratings and statistics website. It provides recommendations, rankings and reviews for real estate agents in Australia. Started in 2014 the company now has over 32,000 claimed agent and agency profiles and is a leading consumer site for people looking for transparency in the real estate industry.

For a full list of winners visit: ratemyagent.com.au/agent-awards-2018

View my RateMyAgent profile here https://www.ratemyagent.com.au/real-estate-agent/sue-ward-bw488/reviews




Time to bring out the Child in Everyone

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning” – Diane Ackerman


I love the smell of popcorn. Most people associate it with the movies, seeing as it’s the staple of a cinema experience, right alongside a quickly melting Choc Top. But whenever I smell popcorn, I immediately start to think of bright lights, happy shrieking people on rides, show-bags full of all sorts of goodies and music.


Have you worked out yet what I’m thinking of?


I’m talking about the local show, of course. The ones with the turning clown heads eager to help you nab a prize if you can just land the ball correctly. The dodgem cars, the cha-cha, the little ponies for the children brave enough to go for a circular led trot and the fireworks that light up the night sky.


When we were kids, there was something so magical about it. Trying to take it all in, full of a sense of awe and appreciation. Nowadays, while it doesn’t hold the exact same ‘Wow’ factor for an adult that it used to, we instead look to the children and can see the awe and appreciation in their faces.


Thankfully, we don’t have to look far for the next chance to have and share that experience. LJ Hooker Ormeau is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming 11th Annual Ormeau Lions Fair to allow us that opportunity to share what we had as kids with the current generations. And let’s face it – we’ll probably buy ourselves a Bertie Beetle show-bag on the sly, if they’re still available.


Running on the 15th and 16th of July, and with over 200 stalls, there will quite literally be something for everyone. There are school Dance and Music contests, performances by Dance companies, a V.I.P Dog show, Pony rides, the Classic Car Show and Shine (what a great way to appreciate some beautiful cars?), rides, show-bags, and yes, even the fireworks on the Saturday night. I’d advise allowing a later night than usual for the young ones, because how often do we get to physically see Fireworks these days?


The location for this year’s fair has changed, as the size of the fair has simply outgrown the previous location, so make sure you don’t head to the wrong place! This year, the fair will be located at Ritchie’s Auctions, 1-57 Burnside Road, Yatala. With free entry for everyone, the hours will be from 8.00am to 9.00pm on Saturday, and 8.00am to 4.00pm on Sunday. All funds raised from the Ormeau Fair will be used within the community to help support schools, hospitals, underprivileged people and many other charity organisations.


So make sure that your calendar is cleared, you’ve got your warm clothes, and some coins in your pocket. Go by yourself, go in a group, round up all of your kids, nieces, nephews and friends. Chances are that I’ll bump into you somewhere there.


And if you beat me there? Grab me a Bertie Beetle show bag!


Until next time,




An Ormeau’st unbiased confession

Ah, Ormeau. My lovely home. Probably yours too, if you’re on this page and reading this blog.

What a fantastic place we live in! The sense of community here is so strong – and I know that you could probably say that about most communities within Australia, but I believe Ormeau is the best. Okay, so I’m clearly biased – is that so bad?

For those that don’t know, or are looking for information on the area, Ormeau is 49 km south of the Brisbane CBD, and a suburb in the City of Gold Coast in Queensland.

A well known fact is that the current name of the town came from the estate of a sugar planter, one Major Alexander Jenyns Boyd, in the 1860’s. As his wife Isabella was born at Ormeau Road in Belfast, their estate was named Ormeau house and is French for ‘young elm’.

The original native name for Ormeau was ‘Nulgul’, which means Dingo. Hmm. The names are definite polar opposites!

Ormeau has long been known for large homes in rural settings – and why not? The countryside that surrounds us is amazingly beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to live here? There are also multiple housing developments to suit first home buyers – meaning that if you are looking for somewhere to raise the family, you’ve found it. And us – yes, that community I mentioned before.

We are close enough to Brisbane that people can commute, and we are close enough to the Gold Coast CBD that we can experience all that this beautiful area of Queensland has to offer. As you always hear in real estate, Location, Location Location!

Ormeau even has a ghost story, about a well-educated character named Dick Edwards, who apparently haunted the Pimpana Hotel back in 1878. I can’t say for certain whether he’s still in the area or not, but I’m sure some minor sleuthing could clear that up. Just nowhere near Halloween. Or after 5.00PM. Or alone. Or…. Maybe not.

Other less, little known facts only come about from the locals. Such as knowing that Angie and Courtney from Oasis Storage run one of the cleanest and organised storage facilities I’ve ever seen. Or that Bruce and Willow from The Lucky Charm not only stock all of the usual newsagency items, they also have a fantastic gift ware range (handy to know while we’re heading up to Mother’s Day).

There is a reason that I call Ormeau my lovely home. Because it is. And I hope you view it the same way. And if you’re visiting this page and don’t live in the area? Move! Move Here Now! It’s so worth it! (And you can tell I truly believe this by an excessive use of CaPiTaL LeTtErS!!).

Until next time,










You found me! Or did I find you? Wait…

Hello, Bonjour and Olá! Welcome to the first blog post for the Sue Ward team.

Firstly, a little bit of background. My name is Sue Ward, and yes, you’ve guessed correctly, I am the lead of the Sue Ward team (funny how that works!). I am a sales consultant with LJ Hooker Ormeau, and I love my job!

I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and in that time I have covered many fields – Office manager, personal assistant, property management, sales, agony aunt, guru, philosopher, rainbow specialist and all round people person. As you can see, I like to also be a little tongue in cheek – because if we’re not all having fun, what’s the point?

On a little more serious note, there is nothing that I like better than helping someone achieve their real estate dream – whether it’s by facilitating the purchase of a first home, or helping someone move on from a family home of many years to their next step in life. Seeing the joy and happiness that can come from this industry is a reward for me, and knowing that I’ve had a hand in that is what motivates me to do my job on a daily basis. There is nothing I like better than putting that sold sticker on the signboard.

The idea of this blog is to serve as your window into the back end of the craziness. Everyone has an image of a real estate agent as a suit wearing, flashy car driving, headset wearing professional who runs from home to home on an endless phone call. There’s so much more to see! We are everyday people – we have families that keep us busy and content, we crave fun and bright colours, we take pride in our local communities and people. We are just lucky enough to be able to see beautiful homes and properties in our line of work, and introduce you and others to them.

My hope is that you stick around to see through that window – because believe me, the fun that’s hiding in there will shock and awe you 🙂


Until next time,