Ekka – The True Queensland Experience

Winner Angela and Sue“Who said that we have to grow up?” – Walt Disney

Another week almost over, and (I’m very happy to say this) another successful competition!

Heading towards the EKKA, we decided that we would treat a family to one of the world’s most wonderful experiences – tickets to have a day and night of magic with their family at the Royal Queensland Show. As everyone of us can recall our own memories of fireworks, carnival rides, colourful wigs and show bags, it seemed like the ideal thing to do to allow others the same experience.

After posting the competition on Facebook, the response that we got, was to put it simply, PHENOMENAL. Reaching over 15,000 people, we had more than 165 entrants to the competition. The anticipation was almost as good as Christmas for us – who would be the lucky winner?

Finally, the day of the draw approached, and I’ll admit, there were butterflies! Our winner was the lovely Angela Fuller – and I honestly don’t know who was more excited – Angela or Me!

Angela attended the EKKA with her family and we were thrilled to read her post (and giggle at the pictures) about the experience:

“What an awesome day at the EKKA yesterday. Kids had a ball, heaps of rides, show bags and the fireworks were spectacular!!! Thanks heaps to Sue Ward Team – LJ Hooker Ormeau for the fantastic prize I won – family pass, $80 rides and food”.

Angela, congratulations again on winning the competition. We are absolutely thrilled that we were able to give you the opportunity to share that experience with your kids!

In the meantime, as we are currently riding the giddy feeling from such a joyous competition and result, we have noticed something missing. Not quite sure what…

… no, wait, we’ve worked it out – another competition!

Keep your eyes on this space, my wonderful friends. My palms are already itching and my mind is racing with ideas for our next fun experience – which means another chance to win. But what will it be?

You’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Until next time,

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