Welcome to the School Holidays – Leave your Sanity at the door….

Tax time – fun, fun fun. Okay, I know, Tax time isn’t really fun. Or interesting – unless you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant. So if you are one of the lovely people belonging to those two amazing professions – it’s your mid year Christmas!


Tax time aside, lets focus on something else – the commencement of school holidays!


For the rest of us, it’s the time where our dear little darlings are full of excitement because, no more school. That exuberance is infectious – at least for the first ten minutes. After that, every mother starts searching for the best thing to get her through the next 2 weeks of loud noises, no breaks and the endless streams of “Muuum, I’m Borrrrreed’.


And that is where this blog post comes in – we can help!


There is so much available to do, and being school holidays, a lot of the upcoming events cater to children. Ah, community – keeping parents sane since, well, since forever.


The Gold Coast City Council is running a complete “Game On Festival”, featuring events such as Obstacle Courses, Come and Try Sports, Healthy Grub kids cooking classes, Kite and Lantern Making, Dance Workshops – and this is to name a few! For more information on these activites, click here – your kids (and your sanity!) may thank you for it.


If you’re looking for something that is a little less energetic but still entertaining enough to keep your beloved munchkins happy, why not take them up to the Upper Coomera library? The library has a variety of kids workshops happening where the kids can learn how to build a catapult or even how to fold – and fly – a perfect paper plane. Of course, the job on enforcing a strict ‘no projectiles in the house policy’ afterwards will fall to the dutiful parents 😉 For more information, check out this website.


Lastly, you could honour a time old tradition and head off to Surfers Paradise to treat your children to a Pantomine, with a production of Peter Pan & Tinkerbell taking place at The Arts Centre on the Gold Coast. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will definitely fill your child’s first few Show and Tell news stories upon their return from holidays. Click here to book tickets.


You can guarantee that no matter what you come up with, your kids are just happy to take a break from the routine that is school. And although it may seem that the purpose of school holidays is simply to drive parents mental, sometimes it only takes the simplest things to keep them happy.


Build a pillow fort in the loungeroom. Give them some coloured chalk and let them use the concrete in your yard as their canvas. Take them down to the park to run of that excessive energy. It doesn’t matter what you do, the very fact that they are building memories with you is what makes time spent together memorable.


But you’ll still be forgiven for that sigh of relief when the school holidays are over 🙂


Until Next Time,


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