It was a Throwback to the 80’s – cue the music

“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do” – Jane Austen


We work tirelessly in our industry, simply because we love what we do. Every single day is filled with the most amazing chances – the chance to introduce someone to their dream home, the chance to meet a new or established business in our community, the chance to hear the most fantastic and heart-warming life stories from people we meet when we’re showing houses.


We are in this profession because we have found like-minded people to work with, who share the same passions and drive that we do. We are not in it for rewards, we do our jobs the way we do because we enjoy it.


Having said that, a little recognition can be greatly appreciated.


Every year, LJ Hooker hosts awards nights throughout the country, to recognise and celebrate the achievements that we reach by doing our jobs. Such an awards night was recently held on June 17th.


The awards nights are always a fun thing to attend. There is always a theme, with the 2017 theme being the 80’s. Cue the Neon, the side pony tails, the leg warmers – all paired with more formal attire. In itself, an eclectic combination that led to some astounding (but memorable) outfits for the festivities.


As the evening progresses, with so much yummy edible food, we are given the opportunity to meet up with other agents, property managers, administrators and principals working in real estate throughout Queensland. Some are old friends, some are new friends, but everyone is in the mood to mingle and generally let their hair down.


LJ Hooker Ormeau was blessed to receive two awards. The first award was for the Top Business Administration, and it went to our beautiful, humble Tammie Cory-Jones.


The work that Tammie does can often be overlooked by the general person on the street. She is the one that runs things behind the scenes – she ensures that the advertising is booked, the in-house marketing is ordered and sent out, the contracts are out on time to all parties, the events are booked and much, much more.


Tammie, to say that we are so proud and thrilled that you received this award is an understatement. You work so hard, and to see you recognised at this level has us all wanting to reach for a champagne bottle to celebrate. Congratulations!

tammie award

The second award that LJ Hooker Ormeau received for the Top Community Relationship Award. And for this, my lovely readers, the thanks goes to you.


community award

Every single person in our office has their own relationships with our special community, and we all have our own way of reaching out and celebrating the links that we have made and cherish with each and every one of you. Receiving this award shows us just how much you cherish that right back. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for allowing us into your lives, your homes and your community.


I honestly could not think of a better place to live.


Until Next Time,


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