Home is not Home without Mum

Is there anyone in the world that is a better multi-tasking specialist than a Mum?


With the passing of Mother’s Day, everyone worldwide took the time to step back to take a long, hard look at the constant in their life – their Mother.


You’ve all seen the memes – “Mum, we’ve hired some people to allow you the day off” alongside a picture of a cleaner, taxi driver, chef, therapist, doctor etc. And I’m sure you also saw the multitude of Mum themed items in your local stores (although I saw some truly AWFUL dressing gowns floating around out there!).


Whether it’s a handmade gift from your kindergartener, or a hastily wrapped box of chocolates from your teen, or even a family made breakfast in bed (of course you can forgive the burnt toast, it was made with love after all), Mother’s Day has become such an event that we felt the need to show our appreciation for them as well.


The Sue Ward team ran a Mother’s Day competition for a fantastic gift basket, featuring everything a mother could love – Wine, Chocolates, Scentsy items, Wine, Plonky Pouches, Vouchers, Wine, Tea, Coffee, Wine Glasses – wait, did we mention Wine?


Our lucky winner was Michelle Shaw, and the smile on her face when she received her basket had us tickled pink! Congratulations again, Michelle!


We had such a fantastic response to this giveaway – and it allowed us to see just how much people love to spoil their Mums.


Make sure that you keep an eye on our pages for future giveaways, because we love that chuffed feeling that we got from it, and we want to do it again!


So, even though Mother’s Day is over for another year, make sure that you check in with your Mum again soon – visit, call, send a letter if you want to. Technically you don’t actually need a specific day to celebrate the wonder that is your Mum, Step-Mum or Grandmother – even Aunties!


A mother should be celebrated every day – she is part of the reason that you are who you are. She is a confidant, a shoulder to cry on, a support system in one, and someone who loves you unconditionally, no matter what.


And she’ll always be YOUR Mum.


Until next time,


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