Rabbits, Chocolate and Bears, Oh My!

Well, the chocolate season is over. Easter! I meant Easter! And now that you’re all somewhat recovered from the sugar highs, I have a very serious question I want to ask. Are you ready? Okay…

How many of you got your sugar highs by stealing your kid’s chocolate???

I really wish it was possible to see the show of hands from behind your screens as you’re reading this!

At LJ Hooker Ormeau, we realised that it wasn’t just the children that needed their chocolate dependency fed, it was the adults as well. Which is why we were proud to sponsor The Great Easter Egg Hunt in Ormeau, which was in its seventh year this year. Almost a decade – Should I honour the anniversary tradition of Copper and Wool for seven years and get the organisers a woollen electric blanket with copper wiring?

Oh it was fun. Watching all the kids run around to get the eggs – the atmosphere and energy was almost electric. And I was honestly in awe of the children’s ability to not only spot the chocolate treasures, but to beat their competitors to it. I don’t know if I was that quick at that age!

The LJ Hooker bear was a massive hit – it turns out that it’s not only big, fluffy rabbits that are popular at Easter!

All too soon, Easter is over and it’s on to Anzac Day. A day where our nation gathers together to honour not only the fallen, but the current serving members of our armed forces. It’s a day to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made to ensure the freedom that allows us to live our lives as we want to.

Every year, as I watch Easter slide into Anzac Day, I feel honoured to live where I do. Not just Ormeau, not just Queensland, but in a country with a rich, fertile history. How many people are lucky enough to say the same?

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter with your families. I know I cherished my time with mine.

And I hope that if that sugar high hasn’t yet hit you, you still have access to the kid’s chocolate!

Until next time,


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